Anthony Mitchell Jiu Jitsu Studio

 Head Instructor is Anthony Mitchell a 1st Degree BlackBelt under Professor Israel Gomes, the founder of the American Killer Bees Assn. Anthony has trained Jiu Jitsu for 10 years under Professor Gomes, 3 years at BlackBelt. He is a World Class competitor winning IBJJF Titles such as 6x Atlanta Open, 2x New York Open, 3x Dallas Open, and Chicago Open. As a Brown Belt he achieved a World Ranking of #4. He has reached the Quarterfinals in both IBJJF Worlds and IBJJF Pan Ams, placing 4th at the 2013 Worlds and 2016 Pan Ams. Under the IBJJF banner the largest Jiu Jitsu organization in the world he has earned 29 medals, 12 Gold, 10 Silver, and 7 Bronze. He is a 2x NAGA Champion, a 4x Superfight Champion, a Kakuto Submission Challenge Superfight Champion, 2x Birmingham Open Champion, 2x Mississippi State Champion, a Fuji BJJ Invitational Champion, and the Main Event winner for the prestegous Fight 2 Win Pro 10 in New Orleans, La winning by submission. Anthony also achieved a successful MMA career, with a record of  6-1, 4 wins submissions and 2 KOs. 

Anthony is Sponsored by Shoyoroll Brand, the premier Jiu Jitsu Gi and NoGi company. Additional Sponsors are Nous Defions, a military based apparel and Jiu Jitsu supply company. And Monkey Tape, the premier finger tape in all on combat sports. Additional sponsors are CORE Cryotherapy in The Township at Ridgeland, where all members receive a discount on Full Body, and Spot Cryotherapy.

Anthony is also a Team Member for We Defy Foundation and  Mission 22, a non-profit designed to lower the 22 veteran suicides daily in the US, and donates his time travelling all over the country aiding in seminars to raise funds and awareness. in addition to Mission 22, Anthony works with many charities. He is a 2x invited instructor for the charity Blackbelts 4 Butterflies which aids Autism Research, he will teach a 3rd time this year as the tour comes to Vero Beach, Fl. Most recently Anthony was invited to teach at a Charity Seminar in Dallas, Tx to raise funds and support for the fallen DPD Officers who were ambushed. The event headed by good friend 3rd Degree Blackbelt Robert Defranco and held at Octagon MMA in Dallas, Tx where it raised over $11,000.00 duringthe 2 day seminar. All proceeds went to the fallen officers families.

Anthonys goal is to help you get in better physical and mental condition. Jiu Jitsu offers many aspects besides just Self Defense, sessions if executed properly can burn well over 1000+ calories per hour.  Build self confidence as you get better. 

Come check out the positive atmosphere we have created, surround yourself with a new friendly crowd. See why our main objective at Anthony Mitchell Jiu Jitsu Studio is for you to excel in Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense in a comfortable safe environment. Every student gets better by helping each other get better, constantly pushing and encouraging each other to advance through hard work, while focusing on positive reinforcement.

Contact us today!!!!!! Come see our convienent, clean, and safe location!!! See you on the mats!!!

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Recent News

*Anthony Mitchell wins the 2017 Kakuto Challenge 6 Man Invitational November 12th in Atlanta, Ga !!!!!!!

*Brad Phillips Wins Gi Gold at the 2017 IBJJF Atlanta Open  Sept 23rd all wins by submission in under a minute, and gets promoted to Purple Belt

*Anthony Mitchell wins Double Gold at the 2017 IBJJF Atlanta Open NoGi  Sept 23, 24th also Silver in weight  and Bronze in Open in the Gi

*Coach Chris White becomes the  2017 Texas Police Games NoGi Champion

this is his 4th consecutive year to win!!!! (pictured below)

*Sarah Phillips Wins the Jits Revolution 115lb Teen Title in Memphis

all wins by submission!!!! May 20th 2017